Call for Children’s Poetry

Do you write poetry? Do you write about animals? Do you write for young children? If you answered “yes” or “I have a poem about animals for young children brewing in my skull,” please consider submitting a poem or two (up to 10, actually), to Turtle Cove Press. There is no reading fee, and poems that are accepted will earn $12 each for poems of 12 lines or more, $5 each for shorter poems and haiku. Here are the requirements and additional information:

  • Target age/grade range will be Pre-K through 1st grade (possibly a little older, too).
  • The book will be available in paperback and ebook, and I also might publish a hardcover edition.
  • The theme is ANIMALS. Real animals, imaginary animals, funny animals, grumpy animals, animals that deal with emotions or situations that children of the target age range deal with. You get the idea!
  • Payment ($12 per poems of 12 lines or more; $5 per poem for shorter poems) will be made upon acceptance.
  • You are invited to submit up to 10 poems for consideration. I anticipate including 40-60 total poems in the anthology.
  • Author retains copyright to their poem(s) included in the anthology.
  • Publisher retains copyright to the anthology as a whole.
  • Poems that have been published elsewhere will be considered, but you must let me know when and where the poem was published, and confirm that you retained all rights, when you submit the poem for this anthology.
  • Author is NOT responsible for any publishing expenses and is NOT required to purchase any copies of the anthology. Authors will be able to purchase unlimited copies at author discount of 60% of the retail price (a 40% discount) plus sales tax. The purchase price will be determined based on the length of the book and prices of comparable publications.


  • Submit your poem as a word document attached to an email to editor@turtlecovepress.com (include POETRY ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION in the subject line). If you are submitting multiple poems, you may send them all in one email.
  • Deadline to submit poems is June 1, 2022.
  • Be sure to include your contact information.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with other children’s authors. Send me an email on editor@turtlecovepress.com if you have any questions!

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