Dahlia in Bloom

Susan Koehler

IBSN-13: 978-0985943882

ISBN-10: 0985943882

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Historical / United States / 20th Century

Pub Date: August 2019

Pages: 159

Format: Paperback, eBook

Price: $12.99 (Paperback); $5.00 (eBook)

Blue Rock Rescue

M.R. Street

IBSN-13: 978-0985943813

ISBN-10: 0985943815 

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General

Pub Date:

Pages: 200


Price: $12.00


First Place winner in the Royal Palm Literary Awards from the Florida Writers Association!

Thirteen-year-old Andy is deathly afraid of the river where he almost drowned. Now, Andy’s friend Trudy is trapped in the same place, a swimming hole called Blue Rock. Andy must overcome his fears and feelings of guilt to try to save his friend with the help of a huge Belgian draft horse and the ghost voice of Andy’s mother.  
Trudy must overcome fears of her own if she is to survive.  Who will be rescued at Blue Rock The answer might surprise you! 

Snowden’s Story: One Marine’s Indebtedness to the Corps

Lt. Gen. Lawrence F. Snowden, USMC, Ret.

ISBN-13: 978-0985943844 

Pub Date:

Pages: 262


Price: $19.95


Bronze Medal Winner in the 2017 Military Writers Society of America awards!

Lt. General Lawrence F. Snowden experienced much over the course of his lifetime. A true Southern gentleman, General Snowden presents a humble account of his life’s accomplishments. This volume is a gift to his children, grandchildren, and future generations. It is also a tribute to his beloved Marine Corps and to all the citizens of the United States.

With no crude language or suggestive situations, this is a perfect book to:

  • Read and enjoy over the holiday season with your family and reinforce family values.
  • Discover why young Marines are so triumphant on and off the battlefield with learned basic life training
  • Consider why attitude is so important to having a robust life
  • Learn common sense values and how to achieve life goals

The Werewolf’s Daughter

M.R. Street

ISBN-13: 978-0985943806 

ISBN-10: 0985943807

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic

Pub Date:

Pages: 282


Price: $15.95


Gold Medal Winner from Florida Authors & Publishers Association!

Lani Morgan is almost sixteen when her dying father tells her that her mother didn’t die in a car crash ten years earlier. Instead, their family has been cursed and her mother is a werewolf. To end the curse, Lani must track down and kill her werewolf mother before Lani’s sixteenth birthday. When a long-lost aunt arrives, Lani hopes she will help her save her mother. But can she count on Aunt Romy for help, or is her aunt the enemy? And what about the hunky biker with the sweet tooth for honey chestnut ice cream? Can Lani trust him, or is he hiding a secret darker than her own… 

The Hunter’s Moon

M.R. Street

ISBN-13: 978-0985943837 

ISBN-10: 0985943831 

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic

Pub Date:


Pages: 336

Price: $14.95


Lani Morgan thinks she ended the werewolf curse that afflicted her family. But the curse lives on: Lani’s friend Lisa’s father is now a werewolf. Lani and Lisa must travel to Romania — the source of the Roma curse — to find a cure — other than a silver bullet. Lisa’s brother Carson and his exotic Roma girlfriend Tatiana join the search for a cure, which takes them to the ancient Pestera cu Oase, the Cave with Bones. Not everyone they meet along the way is a friend, and some have secrets of their own.

The Health Is Power League in Attack of ZomBacon

M.R. Street

Available through the Publisher only.  Email for address.  Individual copies are $5 each plus 7.5% sales tax.  Classroom sets (20 or more copies) are $4 each.  Please provide school name and address as well as FEIN for tax-exempt purchases.

Price: $5.00


The Health Is Power League in ATTACK OF ZOMBACON, a superhero comic book with a health education message, launched at My Favorite Books on 13 January 2018! Thanks to Jenny Jeffers and the crew at MFB for supporting local authors.
  Cat Powers (“Puma”) and her team of teenage superheroes (The HIP League) use healthy behaviors to defeat ZOMBACON.
     Written by award-winning author M.R. Street, MPH, MSI, who has more than 30 years of public health experience, this comic book:

  • Aligns with fifth-grade health education standards, as well as standards for English Language Arts and English Language Learners
  • Appeals to reluctant readers and multiple intelligence learners
  • Includes sample lesson plan and resources
  • Invites kids to submit their own comics to be published on this website!
  • Is a finalist in the FAPA book awards!
  • Is available at My Favorite Books in Tallahassee or directly from Turtle Cove Press, $5/copy,  classroom discounts.